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800 Series Parallel Window

800 Series Parallel Opening Window – The parallel opening window variant is a member of the 800 series window product range and offers a parallel opening solution in addition to fixed glazing. Complete with a polyamide thermal break which offers high levels of thermal performance and the ability to offer a dual colour finish.

The opening that is created provides air flow to the complete perimeter of the window sash providing a large amount of efficient air flow relative to the size of the sash.

Tested for weather and security performance by an independent UKAS test house

Product Features:

  • Both manual and automatic handle operation available
  • Compatible with all 800 Series window and doors systems, 500 Series curtain walling and 200 series shopfront.
  • Accommodates glazing from 28mm to 48mm
  • Pass 24 security options

Parallel Window800 Series Window Thermal Image





Download Independent Weather Test Certificate 800 Series  TR1486 BS6375-1 and PAS24 – CERTIFICATE Parallel

Download Independent PAS24 Security Test Certificate TR1486 BS6375-1 and PAS24 – CERTIFICATE Parallel

Download Specification Document 800 Series Window Technical Specification

Download CE Declaration of Performance Report DOP 5 – 800 series window signed

Download Typical Details of Parallel Window 800 Series Window – Parallel Opening