Our Process

At The Window Glass Company we’re happy to give our clients as much of our time and technical advice as is needed to guarantee the successful inception of the job they’re working on, and we do it for free, it’s part of the service we offer. As a Business we strive to abide by our core values (Trust, Responsibility, Fair & Reliability) at all times when dealing with our colleagues, architects, clients and the end Users.


Much of the work we do is as a result of successfully winning tenders. The Window Glass Company is continually investing in AutoCAD 3D Building Information Modelling software to enable us to produce ever more visually descriptive drawings capable of identifying potential limitations in the practicalities of proposed designs and glass performance. This same software enables us to produce highly detailed quotations and to alter variables to ensure that our designs fit our clients’ requirements, both technically and financially.

500 Series 3D Image

500 Series Curtain Walling

800 Series 3D Image

800 Series Casement Window


Building Information Model Image 6

Building Information Model Image 5




Going the Extra Mile

The Window Glass Company is unusual in being not just independent, family owned and managed, but completely self contained, designing, manufacturing and installing our own architectural window glass systems. This ensures a continuity of hands-on experience and complete control through the process from estimation through to contract signing, pre-production quantifying, necessary procurement, cutting, fabrication and final testing and release. Being independent and self contained has another important benefit for our customers, a guarantee of care that ensures that all problems are solved and sorted. It’s an approach that gives us satisfied customers and a great deal of repeat business.